Fundraising has never been easier. Digital Fundraising is a fast and convenient way to put Zayas Candle products virtually in the hands of your supporters. You collect donations via zayascandle.com and we distribute the orders by mail, then your supporters receive their product directly to their doorstep.

Step 1

Submit an application!

Tell us about your fundraiser! Zayas Candle fundraising works for groups of any size and is perfect for community, educational, youth, religious, not-for-profit, or for-profit organizations.

Step 2

Virtual donations

Spread the word about your fundraiser! Promote the joy of candles to your supporters through social media, text, email, flyers, or anyway you'd like that link to zayascandle.com with your unique fundraiser code.

Step 3

We ship for you

Once you've collected your orders and funds, we pack and ship your supporters orders directly to their doorstep.


Spread the word about your virtual digital fundraiser

Reach out to your friends and family via phone, email, text or social media. Let them know about your fundraising goals and how they can support your organization. Send them to zayascandle.com and enter your unique fundraiser code when checking out.

Personalize your fundraising

Since you may not be fundraising in person, consider adding a photo to your emails or create personalized social media content to help your supporters learn more about you, your cause, and the purpose behind your fundraising goal. 

Make it easy to donate

To make your digital fundraising more convenient, expand your payment collection options with online payment apps like Venmo, PayPal or Cash App to make it even easier for family and friends to contribute virtually. 


Is fundraising really profitable?

YES! Across the country in recent years educational, religious and charitable organizations collectively raised over $40 million a year.

Who qualifies for a fundraiser?

Both for-profit organizations and not-for-profit organizations may be approved to conduct a Zayas Candle Fundraiser when the Fundraiser proceeds will be fully used to benefit a group/cause that is one of the following types (verification required for approval): EDUCATIONAL – proceeds are being used to support a school or educational institution or a school-related organization (e.g., club/student/parent group; athletics; band/choral; school equipment; student development; scholarships). RELIGIOUS – proceeds are being used to support faith-based activities or church-related organizations (e.g., youth group; missions; benevolent programs; building fund; congregational support). CHARITABLE – proceeds are being used to support a registered 501(c) charitable organization. COMMUNITY – proceeds are being used to support community-based activities devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, or recreational purposes and not for individual or commercial gain.

What if we have a small group?

Zayas Candle Fundraising works for groups of most any size. With very low minimum orders (1 item), your small group can easily hold a "1-day" sale direct to the public at sports events, community activities, and even outside local businesses (with their approval)…anywhere folks might gather can work!

What are acceptable payment methods for Digital Fundraising?

AMEX, Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express).

How can I ensure I have a successful fundraiser with Zayas Candle?

Reach out to friends and family via email, social channels and let them know about your fundraiser. Give them your unique fundraiser code to enter at checkout.

Once approved, is there a timeframe in which I must start and end my fundraiser?

No, there is no timeframe. Once you have been approved, you can conduct your fundraiser at your convenience.

What Information Should I Include On My Fundraising Application To Ensure I Am Approved And Would Help Expedite My Application?  

Tax ID
- If you are raising money on behalf of an organization, reach out to your organization chair to request the tax id/EIN number for application approval.
- This will help the application processing time

Purpose of the fundraiser
- Please include a short sentence describing what you will be doing with the funds you raise.
- Example: club/student/parent group; athletics; band/choral; school equipment

Organization Information
- Please include or use the organizational address and phone number you are supporting. This information is needed to verify the organizational information.

Website or social links
- If a Tax ID is not available, please include a website or social link that supports the organization or cause, you are fundraising to benefit.
- Example: If your softball team, dance team etc., has a Facebook page include a link.

When Will My Supporters Receive Their Orders?

We can ship them as they come in (2-5 business days after an order is placed) or at the end of your fundraiser.


Meet your goals with this easy, virtual fundraising solution. We can't wait to help you Raise Some Dough! 

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